Sunday, June 07, 2009

In the Rear-View Mirror

Last night's Road Trip! concert left me speechless.

The paradox of blogging is that the stories that defy description are the very ones that demand to be told. Tweets and posts don't feel like strong enough vessels to contain an evening filled with such beauty, humor, talent, and generosity of spirit.

The full house at The Barns was treated to twenty-two songs ranging from the batty (At the Mardi Gras)... the heartbreaking (Haunted Heart)...

... the witty (A Summer in Ohio)...

... the jazzy (Sugar in the Cane)...

... and the... well... uh... indescribable (courtesy of Arizona Lady).

And of course, none of it would be thinkable without Steve Blier at the helm. Bravi, amici.

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