Monday, March 17, 2008

Verdi, Handel, Strauss, Bernstein...

Wolf Trap's 2008 season has had its official unveiling, so this summer's opera schedule is now public!

Start here.

Links for details on individual shows:

Tickets available starting March 29.

More detail and backstory on each project in the weeks to come.

I'm on "vacation" in Blacksburg VA today, starting the wind-up pitch that will land my younger child in college next fall :) I'll post again later this week from the recording studio, where we're mastering Volpone!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Kim!! What a great line-up. Can't wait for Ariadne at the Barns. Won't miss the Filene center a bit!!

Jeanie said...

Alcina?! Three shows in the Barns?! I wish I could come back this Summer.