Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Now the fun begins. 50-60 solid hours of arias in 7 cities over the next 17 days.
By last weekend we had 580 applicants. And we only have room to hear about 350 singers in audition. Simple mathematics. 30 singers per day is pretty much all we can hear and still remain coherent. The judgment calls can be tough, but they have to be made.
Flying into Ohio the day after the election was fascinating in itself. Even the two Italian gentlemen sitting behind me on the plane were talking about it. (It’s always a thrill when I get to eavesdrop in a foreign language that I can actually understand.)
And yes, the first of many tedious trips through airport security. I carry very little luggage (of the personal type), for it’s a point of pride never to have to wait at baggage claim. But it’s unavoidable that over 50% of my carry-on luggage never quite looks right in the x-ray machine. Video and still cameras, mini-disc recorder, tripod, microphone, laptop, disks and tapes. Not to mention two cell phones (don’t ask…), a PDA, and an iPod. All seem to require individual handling and scrutiny, and you know they never quite fit back into the carrying case the same way afterward…

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